FIFA 2013 on you iphone 5

FIFA 2013 iphone

FIFA 2013 screen shot for iOS,

EA did not announce a specific date to release FIFA 2013 especially when it comes to iOS version that every iphone user will be waiting for it. It’s no secret that on 12th of September Apple will announce its new iphone 5 that a lot of people are waiting for along with some other Apple products. For those who want to get their FIFA 2013 on their iphone it will be much better on iphone 5.

No doubt that the app will be available for the iphone users and will let you feels the difference of the new features of the iphone 5 if we get the hardware upgrades that is being rumored all over the internet. These rumors included the size and shape of the device based on the iphone covers prototypes that some companies started to make.

Of course the graphics is the first thing to be improved in FIFA 2013 and it will work much better with the upgraded graphics chip in the new iphone. The controls weren’t good and have some tweaks in the previous version, but actually EA made a lot of improvements and you should be proud of them. What will make this version of FIFA amazing is that you can play with your friends around the world.

The best part of it is that you’ll be graded on your progress in each category and compare your progress to other players. You’ll also get the chance to host a licensed stadiums, teams and players that will be easy to recognize because the graphics will be much better and this is only for iphone, what do you think when it comes to the iPad !!

The price of the FIFA 2013 in unknown but FIFA 2012 could cost you £3.99 on iTunes in UK, while the US had a Labor Day promotions going, so that means you can actually get the game for only $0.99. But how much are you willing to pay to play the FIFA 2013 on your iphone 5 with the major changes in graphics.



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